Meghan Markle Always Keeps These Foods Handy


This week our hearts broke a little but and our envy rose a little as Prince Harry got engaged to long-time beau Meghan Markle and Markle came a step closer to officially becoming a princess Her Royal Highness, Princess Harry of Wales. What, no! We’re not crying!

The couple got engaged in London this Monday and the wedding will take place in 2018. And with this announcement, the media have gone into overdrive to dig up all that they can about the Suits actor. And it is safe to say that her soon-to-be family, Prince Willam and Kate Middleton, Markle too enjoys her share of simple food habits.


Princess Chia

Markle always has a bunch of snacks and basics around, she revealed in a 2016 interview for Good Housekeeping. These essentials include everything that can a sustain the future Royal and her cute doggo named Bogart, both of whom happen to be huge fans of carrots and hummus, one of the vital snack combos that Markle always stocks. And staying on top of her healthy eating regime, the actress also stays fully stocked with a green juice and almond milk.

In addition to these staples, Meghan also keeps chia seeds handy. The actress loves herself some chia pudding to snack on. And though we can’t – in a hundred centuries – become a Royal, we sure can eat like one! Markle shared her recipe for chia pudding in an Instagram post – all you need is 1 cup chia seeds soaked overnight in 2 cups almond milk mixed with cinnamon, agave, and vanilla extract. The morning after, just top off the pudding with shredded coconut and berries and serve up!


Well, let’s hope the Palace inventory has enough of chia seeds and almond milk! (Though, who are we kidding, they obviously will have it!)


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