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Meeting and Greeting Culinary Heaven’s New ‘It’ Couple: Budweisers and Burgers


What do you think is the current culinary ‘it couple’? We’re arguing strongly in favour of a bottle of Budweiser and a burger. But, perhaps we’re prejudiced because we recently got the chance to attend the Budweiser Mesiquette 101, which was an evening of heavily shipping the couple.

Over a couple of Budweisers, we took in our surroundings. We were seated in the outdoor section of Bonobo, one of our favourite spaces in Bandra. Around us hung abstract paintings of burgers, burger menus and fun slogans telling us “This Bud’s for you.” We sat at an island table that opened to reveal beer bottles emerging from a cloud of dry ice.


The burgers on offer were celebrated Chef Kelvin Cheung’s creations. As the night proceeded, we watched him make the burgers live, as well as feature on a fun, quippy panel discussion which included Pankil Shah and Sahil Timabdia on why burgers and beer are a heavenly combination.
Honestly though, we were already sold. Prior to the discussion, we had stuffed our faces with the mini burgers on offer and downed copious amounts of Budweisers. We had a buffalo burger, which has stung punches of flavour that went perfectly with a strong Budweiser magnum and a chicken sloppy burger and a tender BBQ pulled pork burger that were washed down with a lighter bottle of Bud.Burger
We tried to swallow this heavenly couple according to the rules that follow:
We were partially successful. We made a huge mess, but we failed in not drooling. Beer induces drool after all. And the burgers were piquant, it’s true.

If Bud and burgers are the new heavenly ‘it couple’, then this bash was a reception worthy of our status. As we go on our burger hunts across Mumbai, and indeed, across India, we’ll be sure to wash them down with bottles of beer.