Meet The Poptail – Half Popsicle Half Cocktail

Summer is here, and while we enjoy a break from the cool it certainly gets pretty darn hot. That’s why Nadia Roden’s invention is so brilliant. Nadia perfected the poptail in her nephew’s popsicle shop Ice Kitchen, and it’s just as magical as it sounds! Half popsicle and half cocktail, this is the perfect adult treat for the summer!

“My nephew has an ice pop business in London called Ice Kitchen. I love to create new flavor combinations and he loves the new London bar scene, so one thing led to another and we started making alcoholic ice pops together,” Roden tells Refinery29.

“It’s a cheeky idea,” she says, “mixing ice pops and alcohol tastes amazing.” You can even whip them up at home courtesy of Roden’s new book Ice Kitchen Poptails for some delicious adult delights that you can make ahead and freeze for the perfect summer bash!