Meet The Murukku Sandwich, One Of Chennai’s Many Street Food Delights

Chennai’s street food scene is very prominent in the city, and locals from every area love indulging in their regional treats almost everyday. From South Indian specials to North Indian staples, the streets of Chennai have it all. But there’s one thing on the menu that people from different parts of India enjoy and it’s something that has its roots in Chennai. It’s the Murukku Sandwich. This is a street food dish made with one of the city’s most popular snack, the murukku.

What is a murukku?

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Murukku is a snack that hails from Tamil Nadu and is identified by its round twists and beautiful coils. It is usually made with a simple mixture of rice flour, gram flour, salt, and cumin seeds are sometimes added to the dough as well. They are shaped into neat spirals and deep fried in oil. When shaped by hand, they are known as Kai Murukku, which literally means hand-murukku. Murukku also comes in many varieties like the ribbon shaped murukku which is spiraled, and ribbon cuts which are like long strands which are also popular.


What is a murukku sandwich?

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A murukku sandwich is the street food dish that the city loves, which sandwiches slices of tomato, cucumber, and some mint chutney in between two murukkus. The best variant of this dish is the murukku cheese sandwich which includes cheese being sandwiched between the murukkus. The combination of the layers of murukku, tomatoes, cucumbers, cheese, and mint chutney is a flavour everybody enjoys and is a taste that is savoured and remembered by all.


Where can you find it in Chennai?

The murukku sandwich or murukku cheese sandwich is found in almost every street food stall in the city, sometimes even Kayendhi Bhavans. Links is a snack place in Purusawalkam that is very popular in the city for this dish. Street food stalls in Kelly’s also serve some delicious murukku sandwiches.


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