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Meet The Indian Super Foods That Are Both Cheap And Easy To Find


Chia seeds, kale, quinoa and goji berries. Yep, you’re right – we’ve just listed out a few of the world’s favourite super foods. Celebrities endorse them, restaurants take pleasure in highlighting them on their menus and food giants market them. But, in India, your round-the-corner grocer or the fellows over at the vegetable market would probably never have heard of them.

That’s why, to help you eat cleaner in 2016, we’ve put together a list of the top Indian super foods you should have in your diet. In terms of nutritional benefits, they’re just as good as their kale and quinoa counterparts – these are just more easily available.



Beetroots are generally available everywhere, from a large, gourmet supermarket to a humble train vegetable vendor. Recent research has shown that beetroots improve blood flow and athleticism and can lower blood pressure. Here’s a bunch of beetroot recipes you can try.

Mung Beans


Immensely popular in Indian cuisine in the form of dal, mung beans or lentils are excellent sources of protein, fibres, magnesium and vitamin B1. They should be an essential part of a vegetarian’s diet so he can get required levels of protein.

Indian Gooseberries


Otherwise known as amla, Indian gooseberries have become popular ingredients in detoxifying juices and shots at juice bars and healthy restaurants. The fruit contains tons of vitamin C, has anti-aging properties and seriously strengthens your immune system.



Tamarind, or imli was used as a traditional method to treat fevers and colds in ancient times. Today, it remains a popular ingredient in Indian cooking. It has antibacterial and antifungal properties and can reduce cholesterol.



As a child, when you fell over and scraped your knee, did your mother ever apply turmeric, or haldi to the wound? That’s because she knew that turmeric has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that would help it heal. When ingested, it works in the same way!
Because of their easy availaibilty, it’s super simple to include these foods in your diet. Start doing so right away!