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Meet Sipreme, The Super Drink That Lets You Have Your Meals On The Go!


We just discovered something amazing thanks to the internet and what we found is something surprisingly close to being futuristic! Ever thought of liquid meals that you can drink instead of eat them? Yes, we all have the smoothie as an alternative to meals sometimes and most of it is diet based. But what you haven’t heard of yet is an alternative to actual meals. That means being able to drink breakfast, lunch, and dinner! For someone who’s on the go all the time, this would definitely be a life saver, wouldn’t it? So, meet Sipreme! (Yes, you read that right, it isn’t supreme). According to the brand, it is healthy, affordable (which is awesome), and we definitely agree about the convenient part. 

sipreme 1

Sipreme, the super drink brand, has been founded by a duo, Bri, who is a mechanical engineer, and Dené, who is a videographer. The entrepreneurs have food as their best interest and invested all of their savings to create this miraculous meal drink for the people of New Zealand. They describe Sipreme as something healthier to “get nutrients than chocolate and burgers.” “As busy people, with terrible food habits, we have been trying and failing in our search to maintain a healthy diet. We believe this is the unfortunate norm for many New Zealander’s and we are passionate about trying to change the way people think about healthy eating,” the brand claims. “We are attempting to alleviate the frustration of meal planning, shopping, cooking, and endless dishes without ruining the enjoyment of food. It’s a balancing act, and we are eager to change New Zealand’s eating habits for the better,” states Sipreme. The meals come in a large variety of flavours and and have everything your body needs for daily nutrition. It’s the perfect meal, literally. You don’t have to worry about not having time to cook because all you need is a minute to blend it all up and drink! We love this concept and their idea behind the drink. It is definitely worth trying!