Meet Proof, A Wristband Which Monitors How Much You’ve Had To Drink

When having a dun night out with friends, most of us don’t really monitor how much we have to drink. Sometimes, we end up weaving our way home to wake up the next day with a horrible hangover.

Proof, a wristband from Milos Sensors is going to help you prevent that.


Track Your Alcohol Level

Proof is a wristband which will track your blood alcohol level using by measuring the alcohol content in your perspiration or your sweat. After you set a blood alcohol limit, it’ll alert you that you’ve reached your limit by vibrating.

The wristband will also tell you what time you’ll sober up; handy if you need to drive home. Additionally, Proof will use data you enter to tell you how many more drinks you can have before getting a hangover.


Evan Strenk CEO of Milo Senors told TechCrunch “The use case there is you put our sensor on, at 6 p.m., you set your alarms for yourself, and everything is paired with an app. [When I check my phone] you don’t even know if I’m messaging someone or checking my BAC. And because it’s continuous tracing, you can set alarms for yourself, like hitting .08 percent. I want to be alerted, maybe if I’m driving home, and you can connect with safety buddies, friends and family at undesirable levels.”

Milo Sensors will launch a Kickstarter campaign for the device soon; it will be released this year and cost between $100-$150.