Meet MiniBrew: A Machine That Will Brew Beer At Home For You!

Beer to the rescue

Have you ever tried brewing beer at home a la Hank in Breaking Bad? If you have, you know it can be a lengthy often frustrating process where you have to use precise amounts of ingredients and allow them to brew for a precise amount of time. And then, you have to drink whatever you produce…good or bad.

If you don’t have the time, or inclination to brew your own beer but still want to taste exciting flavours different from what you’d get at a bar, MiniBrew is your answer. MiniBrew is a small machine that allows you to choose recipes, ingredients and flavours but does all the hard work like mashing and brewing for you.

The amount of time the brewing will take depends on the type of beer being made; while some take a week others will need to be worked on by the machine longer. A brewer will get approximately 1.3 gallons of beer each time they brew.

Aside from being semi-automatic and fairly simple to use another plus point about the machine is that its connected to an android app that allows you to monitor the brewing process in real time. The app will also provide a user detailed instructions of recipes and how to use the machine.

If you want one of these min brewers, they’re available on indiegogo for $1,950. Seems a little steep? Look at it this way; you’ll never have to buy a six pack again!

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