Meet Magazine Street Kitchen: An Innovative New Cooking Space In Mumbai

A 2,500 square feet area. Six state of the art cooking stations. A 40 seater dining area. You’d think that all these elements in one space would only be found in a MasterChef kitchen, right? Well, thanks to the trio behind Colaba’s ‘The Table’, Mumbai now has its very own such space; meet Magazine Street Kitchen.

The Whos

Magazine Street Kitchen was conceptualised and executed by restaurateurs Gauri Devidayal and Jay Yousuf and Chef Alex Sanchez, who together own, manage and operate The Table, a popular, posh eatery in Colaba.


The Table is well known for its delicate fare that is made using fresh ingredients and impressive culinary techniques.

The What

Following The Table’s success, the restaurateurs had commented that they wanted to go a step further than just opening a new restaurant. So, Magazine Street Kitchen was born; a space which will allow guest chefs to  use the state of the art cooking equipment to host workshops, cook intimate dinners or simply experiment with techniques and new dishes. Magazine Street Kitchen will also host a baking company – the Magazine Street Baking Company – that will produce 30 types of artisanal breads (like baguettes and cibattas) that will be supplied to restaurants across the city.


The Where

The concept is made even more exciting by the space which it’s in; an industrial, erstwhile mill area in Byculla. The venture gets its name from the fact that the area was once used by firearm dealers. 

Get Going!

Excited? While Magazine Street Kitchen has been operating under the radar for a while now, testing recipes and making breads for clients, it recently announced that it will be opening its doors for a workshop conducted by Chef Sanchez.

Following this, the Kitchen will throw an opening dinner on June 25th and then a Food With Benefits dinner on June 29th. Head over Magazine Street Kitchen’s Facebook  and Instagram page to stay in the know.