Meet The Lego Fries Dispenser of Your Dreams

The perfect desk accessory.

Lego enthusiasts at Astonishing Studios have just created the coolest thing you could ever find. And it can sit on your desk and looks good too!

Check out this McDonald’s French Fry dispenser that can satisfy your mid-day hunger pangs!

As the video demonstrates, you just have to feed the Lego vending machine four quarters (which makes $1) and out pops a tiny carton of fries and a sachet of ketchup. The video also deconstructs how this works and how it’s done – which does break the illusion that there are super crafty Lego men hiding in the machine making you your fries from scratch – but it’s an interesting concept because you get to eat your fries whenever you want. Restock, reload and repeat.

And if that’s not enough for you, then you can maybe even get the Lego McDonald’s McNuggets dispenser from the same guys.