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Meet Juicero, The Juicer That Connects To Your Wi-Fi


Earlier this year, the founder of Organic Avenue launched a $700 wi-fi connected juicer.

Like all machines that grind and powder and process your food – we’re looking at you coffee and tea machines – the Juicero doesn’t juice the produce you buy from the store, but only the prepackaged, pre-chopped produce that you order through the company and is delivered to your home.

It definitely cuts down on the amount of time you spend cutting and slicing your vegetables before you process it and juice it for consumption, but it’d be difficult to have the juice of your choice if you can only get prepackaged little containers to make the juice from.

The Juicero juice packs cost between $4 and $10, and you have to use these packs because it’s not like the machine can use anything else to make the juice. Currently only available in California, Juicero has plans to expand well beyond the country soon enough. Watch this space for more.