Meet The Fookie, The Delicious Food Hybrid That Is Going To Take Over The World

Food hybrids are the great thing to ever come out of the dessert world. A combination of two favourite desserts or snacks coming together to form something absolutely magical is obviously a huge deal. And America, thanks to Dominique Ansel, has a long-standing tradition of blending two things together to create a ruckus that is heard all over the world.

Meet the Fookie. It’s pronounced just like a cookie, but with an F instead of a C. And as you’d imagine, it is the combination of a cookie and fudge. We’re used to enjoying fudge pieces in our cookies, but nothing quite like this. This is a whole new trend and we are so totally on board with it. First debuted last month at the San Francisco Winter Fancy Foods Show, the Fookie was a huge hit and rightfully so. At the food show, the Fookie came in flavours like Snickerdoodle and Chocolate Chip, which just made it even better.

And before you think it’s just some random mash-up, think again. Foodbeast reports that the Fookies were high quality and extremely well-done fudge cookie bars. You’re not getting a cookie shaped treat, you’re getting a bar that is a mixture of fudge and cookie, making it an even better treat if you ask us.

The geniuses behind the Fookie are a Lisa and Greg Dobson, based out of Sacramento County in California. Lisa is the one who mashed them together and then her husband opened ‘Fookies’ as a business and the delicious treat has been available all over the west coast. They are not only the inventors of the Fookie, but they also own the name now that they have trademarked it. Next time you’re in the area, you know what to find and get your hands on.

Because this is going to be the next big food trend and we are totally on board.