Meet The “Churro Duo”, A 3D Churro Dish From Dominique Ansel

Dominique Ansel is having an amazing year and just when you think he’s done with creating new food trends, he goes and surprises you with another one. While the Cronut might have made an entry into the food scene a while ago, it’s only recently that it’s started to get more traction. But all that aside, Ansel is also responsible for the Blossoming Hot Chocolate. And his bakeries are famous for their innovative treats and causing a buzz in the food world.

But now he steps out of the bakery in New York and has brought something new to the Dominique Ansel Bakery in Tokyo, Japan.

This is the Churro Duo.

Yes, it’s a churro, but it’s not an ordinary churro, because there’s so much more to it! By looking at it you can tell that it’s two types of churro linked together as a dessert. The 3D pyramid effect is one of the innovative ways in which this is becoming a gorgeous looking dessert.

The lighter churro has white sesame and cinnamon sugar, while the darker churro has black sesame and black sugar coated overtop. The Churro Duo is served with a made-to-order salted caramel sauce. Because that’s exactly what should be eaten with churros no matter what!

This new dessert debuted on November 18th and has already made waves in Tokyo. So much so that Ansel is considering bringing this 3D dessert to his New York and London bakeries. If you’re one of the lucky few to get your hands on this amazing combination, let us know what it tastes like and just how much we’re missing out on by not being there!