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Meet Cheesecake Republic That Established a Republic for Cheesecakes In Mumbai


Yesterday, after wading through murky puddles that the Mumbai rains had left as a present, I arrived home to find two gorgeous cheesecakes waiting for me. No, some special magic hadn’t been at work, but a cheesecake fairy called Cheesecake Republic had paid a visit. 

If you’re a cheesecake lover in Mumbai, or even a foodie in Mumbai you’ve most likely heard about Cheesecake Republic. It’s featured as a part of Zomato’s ‘Great Cheesecakes’ collection and its ‘Home Bakers’ collection. And, of course, it’s been featured on our list of where to get the best cheesecakes in Mumbai, as well as our ultimate list of cheesy dishes across Mumbai

While we’ve tasted their heavenly cookie dough cheesecake, we decided it was time we found out more about the Cheesecake Republic – is there truly magic being used in their kitchen? 


Not magic, we found but a duo of sisters; Aishwarya and Shruti Jalan who founded the Cheesecake Republic because of a combined love for cheesecakes, baking and feeding people. They started the Republic on a small scale; by baking cheesecakes for friends and friends of friends. Word spread and more and more orders came in, and the Cheesecake Republic soon became a household name for cheesecakes in Mumbai


Today, Shruti tells me that the Cheesecake Republic is devoted to the same quality of perfection that enabled them to become the name that they are. “Each recipe is tested again and again until we are all satisfied that is perfect,” said Shruti. While Shruti handles the marketing and communications side of Cheesecake Republic (she’s also responsible for designing the gorgeous boxes their products arrive in), Aishwarya can be found concocting perfection in their special Cheesecake Republic kitchen at home. Since its conception, Cheesecake Republic’s menu has grown exponentially; aside from your regular cheesecakes, they offer savoury cheesecakes, pies (Shruti tells me that the Missippi mud pie is to die for) and cakes. Shruti described her favourite cake – the chocolate squidgy cake, which is a chocolate genoise layered with chocolate mousse and whipped cream  – are you drooling yet? 

As good as the cake sounded, I decided to stick solely to cheesecake and ordered the mango medley cheesecake (I’m sentimental that the mango season is coming to a close) and the savoury mushroom roast garlic and cheddar cheesecake. Here’s what I (and a parade of friends who magically appeared minutes after I had my first bite) thought: 

Mango Medley


If, like me, you’re sentimental about the mango season coming to an end, this cheesecake will say goodbye to mangoes with a bang, and leave you with beautiful mango memories for the rest of the year. The base was crumbly and soft, while the cake itself sang of mango flavour. It was a little softer and cheesier than regular, store bought cheesecakes are. 

Mushroom Roast Garlic & Cheddar


This was the first time we were sampling a savoury cheesecake. Loaded with soft mushrooms and a subtle garlic flavour, this cheesecake had tastes similar to a mushroom quiche, infused with rich, creamy cheese. It was an interesting take on the regular cheesecake, and would be perfect for those that don’t enjoy sweet desserts. Definitely a must try! 

Suffice to say, both cheesecakes were a hit. If you’re looking to buy a birthday cake for a cheesecake lover, or serve the perfect ending at a dinner part look no further than the Cheesecake Republic. They deliver all over Mumbai, and also cater at parties. Go ahead and give them a call at +919820401012 or at 9820302204!