Meet Adler Webb, The World’s Youngest Barista

Coffee as often been touted as a beverage that should be kept out children’s – human or fetus –reach. And that with solid scientific research and proof. Which is probably why one rarely sees a kid or toddler downing a double shot espresso or licking the foam off his cappuccino, god forbid the caffeinated drink stunts their growth or gives them heart problems in the long run! But a tiny barista named Adler Webb is here to change the kid-coffee equation, albeit without consuming any.

Son of Andrew and Jenn Webb, who own Bindle Coffee in Fort Collins, CO, the 3-year-old barista is without a doubt the youngest guy with a coffee filter and beans in his hands. An Instagram post on the coffee shop’s account explains, “He is curious and sweet and wants to know how things work. He already knows how to grind and tamp espresso and enjoys sneaking drinks of black coffee.”

The account also boasts of Alder’s prowess as he practices at the espresso machine with his dad, learning how to make pour over coffee for Brindle’s customers.

Of course, the Internet couldn’t digest the viral sensation without some mean jabs and crazy accusations (some even stated that Adler is not the Webbs’ own child!). but taking all the love-hate in his stride, the young talent goes on to brew one flawless cup of coffee after the other!

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The recent repost (and viral nature) of our video of our son Adler (from a year and a half ago!) is crazy! There have been loads of nasty comments, claims that he's not even our kid 😂 and an overwhelming number of gracious and kind comments regarding Adler and his cuteness. So this post is coming straight from the source – Bindle Coffee (and the Webb home). Adler is a great kid, and has shown interest and excitement in many things–coffee being one of them. We've been working on pour overs lately and our friends at @monarchmethods were kind enough to send over a small pour over kettle for Adler to use! Oh, and in case you were wondering, Adler will not be pulling a barista shift tomorrow (or any time soon). He's 4 years old. ✌🏻thanks, fam! Have a great Thursday!!

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Take a look at the young prodigy in action.



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