Meet Aditya Raghavan, An Artisan Cheese Maker Bringing Popup Restaurants To The Country

Aditya Raghavan at a cheese making event.

Cheese, cheese, and more cheese. That’s all we could think about when we first stumbled across an intriguing artisan cheese maker, Aditya Raghavan. Known as Addie to all his fans and followers on Instagram, Aditya is a man on a mission discovering all things beautiful in the world of food and cheese. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?


Aditya, a professional cheese maker, always loved cheese and it all started with a Martha Stewart recipe. For what? Cheese. A recipe for goat cheese paved the way for more cheese making, where, after enjoying the first ever batch of cheese he made, decided to buy more books on cheese and cheese recipes. Aditya began making different kinds of cheese not just because of the interest and love but because of the science that goes into it as well. Hailing from a science background, Aditya is also a physicist, which further fuels his understanding of the science behind cheese.

Aditya Raghavan
Aditya’s journey through cheese is remarkable and quite educational when you follow his social media feed. Taking a few minutes to tell us what the cheese of the day is all about, he passionately shares his “cheesy” kitchen journeys with a little knowledge that you can take back home. Through his journey, he met many cheese makers across the country who are prominent in the Indian cheese scene, and sold his creations at farmers markets. Aditya, a cheese consultant at The Farm in OMR, also makes fresh cheese and if you’d like to see what real good and fresh cheese tastes like, you should head there. His favourite cheeses to make are brie, and reblochon, which is a challenging cheese – the very reason why he enjoys it.


Foraging is also something Aditya does, finding the most interesting, rare, and unique foods across the country and beyond borders as well, including forests and farms. While he shares a lot about the foraging experience, when asked if he would teach, Aditya says workshops are something he would take on more rather than full time. And the reason is simple, love for food. Aditya would like to cook more and shares that he loves spending time in the kitchen concocting his own recipes, while implementing western techniques to his cooking. Having done, and about to do another popup restaurant soon in Mumbai, Aditya tells us this menu will be an extravagant 5 course, French-inspired Indian meal, a first of it’s kind to treat palates in the city. Having already done two five course dinners in the US and Canada, Aditya looks forward to the popup restaurant in Mumbai as this dinner will have dishes fused with French cooking techniques. Flavour profiles of food, plating, and mixing is something he enjoys completely but also delights in the travel that involves food. Shortly, Aditya will be co-hosting a food trail in Sikkim that gives the foodies a hands on experience with making of momos, a regional cheese, and more.


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