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Meat Consumption Is Harming Vast Lands Says Reports


According to the reports published in the Times Of India, meat consumption has led to the devastation of world’s most valuable and vulnerable areas as they are being used for production of animal feed. The regions under threat according to the reports ‘Appetite for Destruction’ are the Amazon, the Congo Basin and the Himalayas.

The Growing Threat

‘Appetite for Destruction’ was launched at the Extinction and Livestock Conference and talks about how due to growth of large amounts of animal feed is leading to increasing amounts of land being used for it. World Wildlife Fund (WWF) says that the growing popularity of meat-based diet can mean that 1.5 times of the area can be saved if meat was consumed to meet only the nutritional needs.

The animal consumption has led to 60% of biodiversity loss according to WWF and the UK food industry is single-handedly responsible for extinction of 33% of animal species. “The world is consuming more animal protein than it needs and this is having a devastating effect on wildlife,” Duncan Williamson, WWF food policy manager said in a statement.

“A staggering 60% of global biodiversity loss is down to the food we eat. We know a lot of people are aware that a meat-based diet has an impact on water and land, as well as causing greenhouse gas emissions, but few know the biggest issue of all comes from the crop-based feed the animals eat,” he added.