Meals To Become Optional On Rajdhani and Shatabdi Trains

Added cost on the train ticket is one thing, but the taste and charm of meals on the Indian railways is another thing all together. In a move to reduce costs of the tickets to passengers who do not wish to eat the meals on wheels, the Indian Railways is proposing to make it optional from June 15 2017.

If the passenger opts out of meal, then he/she will have to pay around Rs 300 less. Depending on the journey time, the catering charges are being levied. For train running longer distances, the catering charges are higher. The charges are also different for different classes as well.

Meals To Become Optional On Rajdhani and Shatabdi Trains

This scheme has been tried on the Nizamuddin-Mumbai August Kranti Rajdhani Express and Pune-Secunderabad Shatabdi Express. asked Railway spokesperson about the response to the scheme and he said As the public is not much aware of the scheme, not many opted out. But we have introduced the same scheme in newly launched Tejas as well. The scheme will be now be rolled out on Rajdhani and Shatabdi trains.”

The Choice is Yours

The Executive Class fare in Tejas has been fixed at Rs 2,540 without food and Rs 2,940 with food. The Chair Car fare Rs 1,850 with food and Rs 1,220 without food.

An e-catering service is also being provided along with the change. Maybe many passengers just don’t like railway food (we don’t know who these people are)  A passenger can chose meal from a host of outlets — Sagar Ratna, Saravana Bhavan, Bikanervala, Nirula’s, KFC, McDonald’s, Haldiram’s, Domino’s and Pizza Hut — from online catering service.

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