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McDonald’s Will Now Let You Take Home The Special Big Mac Sauce!


You read that right! Exciting as the news sounds, the disappointing fact is that the bottles of sauce will only be available at 40 Micky D’s locations in Australia. So it might cost a tad bit more for people not living down under.

The sauce in question here is essentially Thousand Island dressing with a certain je ne sais quoi, the taste of which is now synonymous with McDonald’s signature Big Mac. bigmacsauce


Saucy Sales

A bottle of the sauce – a 500ml flip-top bottle – will only cost you a $4.95, but McDonald’s plans to distribute just 4,000 in supply.

The announcement of this news caused a crazy wave in Big Mac lovers and according to latest reports, almost as soon as the bottles went on sale, commercial buyers grabbed and began selling them on auction sites for 20 times the retail price. In an instance, the iconic sauce began appearing on Gumtree for up to $100 within minutes!

The Daily Mail reports that 4,000 bottles of decked up Russian dressing, which went for $4.99 each, sold out in 15 minutes from select stores in Australia when they went on sale at midnight on Saturday.


In other news, did you know that you can request the sauce to be put on practically any item at your nearest McDonald’s outlet? Might want to try that.

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