McDonald’s Venezuela Has Stopped Serving Big Macs

Customers will no longer be able to order McDonald’s signature burger, the Big Mac in Venezuela; it’s been temporarily withdrawn from the McD menu due to an ongoing food shortage in the country.

The Venezuelan Food Crisis

Due to a combination of political and economic crises, Venezuelans have been facing food as well as medical shortages; media reports have revealed that Venezuelans have to cross over into the neighbouring Columbia to buy food, medicine and receive aid.


Last year, McDonald’s Venezuela was forced to take fries off their menu due to the food shortage. The fries returned in November 2015, with a large serving priced at 800 bolivares or Rs.5420.

Say Goodbye To The Big Mac

In a statement to the press announcing the withdrawal of the Bic Mac, Daniel Schleiniger, a spokesperson for Arcos Dorados which is a franchisee for McDonald’s Venezuela said “McDonald’s Venezuela is working to resolve this temporary situation. Together with our supplier, we are evaluating the best options that will allow us to continue serving high-quality food to our customers. For the moment, we offer other menu options such as the Quarter Pounder, CBO, and McNífica, among others.”


Although no official announcement has been made about why it has been withdrawn, reports are speculating that the chain may have been finding it hard to source the bread that goes in between the burger buns and two patties.