McDonald’s Is Taking The Whole Super Size Thing Very Seriously With The McFlurry Party

Some might remember a time when McDonald’s had a “SuperSize” menu, where everything on the regular menu was larger and bigger in size and proportion, but while that is no longer a thing that they do, you can still make your meal a larger version which gives you more to drink and more fries to munch on through your meal.

But now McDonald’s is taking things up a notch with their McFlurry Party. What is that, you might be wondering….let us enlighten you. It is a giant McFlurry, served in a massive cup and meant to feed 2-4 people, or just one person if you’re hungry enough. The “Party” comes with four smaller cups so that you can serve and share with your friends or just make yourself feel better by splitting it up and eating each portion one at a time (we might just do that).

You can also get it to go, so instead of eating it right there in the restaurant, you can put a lid on it and take it go so that you can eat in the comfort of your own home. Much like the regular McFlurry, it is mostly ice cream, so if you’re not heading home right away, you might want to finish your party before you leave, or you’re not going to enjoy it very much.

Height-wise, the containers are the same, but the McFlurry Party is bigger and obviously holds enough for four people, so you can imagine what that’s like.

So far, the McFlurry Party has been sighted in France and Spain, but there’s a good chance that it might make it to the rest of world. McDonald’s has been teasing a whole lot of new stuff coming to the menu this week, so maybe this is one of those items that are going to debut in America. As for the rest of the world? We’re just gonna have to patient and wait and see.