McDonald’s Singapore Launches Its First Vegetarian Burger

McDonald’s Singapore just got a whole lot friendlier for vegetarians with the launch of the Veggie Crunch Burger. Prior to this, vegetarians at McDonald’s Singapore could only eat hash browns, fries or burgers without patties.

The Veggie Crunch Burger

The Veggie Crunch Burger has a deep fried patty made from green peas, carrots, green beans, red bell peppers and potatoes.

Veggie Crunch McDonalds

However, despite the vegetarian patty, the burger is not vegan friendly; it has the same sauce that goes into the McChicken burger, which contains eggs.

The Vegetarian Story At McDonald’s

Typically, McDonald’s outlets across the world have very few vegetarian options. McDonald’s USA doesn’t serve vegetarian burgers and asks instead that you customise McWraps and Salads: 


McDonald’s Singapore did offer a vegetarian burger for a limited time in the past; the McAloo Tikki. The Veggie Crunch Burger is unique in that it’s the first permanent vegetarian menu item in the country.

McAloo Tikki

Of course, India boasts several vegetarian menu items. In keeping with cultural sensitivity, McDonald’s India serves vegetarian burgers like the McAloo Tikki and the vegetarian Maharaja Mac. It also opened the world’s first vegetarian only McDonald’s near the Golden Temple in Amritsar.

In a society where more people are turning to vegetarianism amidst health and lifestyle concerns, perhaps more vegetarian items on the menu is the way to go.