At McDonald’s Nothing Comes For Free!

So, McDonald’s has a self-service machine that is 100% customisable. Of course, humans being human love to muck about with stuff like this hence people ordering nothing from a cheeseburger except the cheese (y tho). And, yes, that actually happened.

However, this girl decided to take it one step further. She literally ordered nothing, not the bun, literally nothing: no onion, ketchup, mustard, pickles, cheese, bun or beef patty but she still got charged $1.20.

Twitter user Ari says that they initially wanted to get rid of just the gherkin, but then realized that she could take off or add more options. Because humans just have to test everything to the limit, they wanted to see if they could order nothing, and it turns out that you can.

Since Twitter has an opinion on everything, it wasn’t long before Ari’s tweet started getting some serious traction.

The tweet has been liked by more than 144,000 people, along with more than 63,000 retweets. However, it seems as though Ari, isn’t happy with the newfound fame.

Jeez, let the woman order her nothing in peace!