McDonald’s New Zealand’s ‘Create Your Taste’ Campaign Made The Internet Go A Little Wild

Nothing is safe on the internet. I know that, you know that. However, McDonald’s New Zealand learned that lesson the hard way after a contest that allowed participants to create and name their own burgers online went…well a little bit awry.

Create Your Taste

McDonald’s ‘Create Your Taste’ contest was created in good faith. The New Zealand sector of the burger chain invited customers to design a burger – selecting whatever ingredients they wanted and name the burgers. The resulting burger would then appear on the restaurant’s site.

Other site users would then have to vote for the best burgers. It seems pretty simple, right? Indeed, it was so simple and user friendly that users decided to get a little creative with making and naming their burgers. One burger was called a ‘Bag of Lettuce’ and was made with just lettuce leaves (sans buns) while another, made without buns, stacks of lettuce and some beetroot was dubbed ‘The PETA Burger’.


Take A Look At Some Of The Others:  




Those were the relatively tame ones. Burgers moved from political, to religious to lewd to overwhelmingly offensive – we’re not sharing those images here. If you want a look at some of the more unsafe-for-work ones head here.

Expectedly, McDonald’s has taken down the Create Your Own Taste site. Let this be a lesson (after the Boaty McBoatface fiasco) that you should never allow the internet room to ‘get creative’ at your expense.