McDonald’s New Breakfast Item Is Pretty Much Everything You Could Ever Want


Breakfast has always been such an important part of our lives and it’s important to start your day off with a meal that is absolutely delicious and perfectly made. And to help you do that, McDonald’s has launched a brand new breakfast item – the Chicken McGriddle.

They tested the Chicken McGriddle in Ohio last year and it was incredibly successful, which explains why it’s been introduced into the main menu at various McDonald’s outlets in Florida. According to Spoon University, this new sandwich will only be available for a limited time and will be added to the all-day breakfast menu till April 26th.

Yes, if you’re thinking that this sounds a lot like chicken and waffles, you’re not mistaken. It’s made up of a crispy fried piece of chicken that’s usually found in the McChicken sandwich and then combined with the McGriddle pancake exterior. And for those worried that it might be heavy on the calories, it’s not.

Breakfast and McDonald’s fans are going to go crazy for this new item, which has spent some time as a ‘secret menu item’. But from now and till April, McDonald’s customers in Florida can get their hands on this deliciousness. In fact there are already some customers who have had a chance to eat a McGriddle.