Fire Breaks Out In Bandra Building Next to McDonald’s

The Kamala Mills fire has shaken up the city and now a building next to McDonald’s outlet in the Bandra area of Mumbai suffered from a fire breakout. However according to a report by The Hindu, the fire was a minor one and was doused out in 15 minutes.

Fire In Control

The fire incident that happened on Tuesday evening has no casualties and the customers in McDonald’s were safely evacuated. According to a statement issued by McDonald’s, the fire didn’t start up in the restaurant. “There has been a minor fire at the McDonald’s building at Linking Road, Bandra which was caused by a short circuit at the adjacent store with smoke spreading towards McDonald’s restaurant. As a precautionary measure, we evacuated the store to ensure none of our customers and staff came in harm’s way,” read the statement.

Fire Breaks Out In Bandra Building Next to McDonald's

The statement further clarified that the outlet was fire compliant and had been following all safety norms and that “as a responsible brand, we always place the safety of our customers and employees as our topmost priority and we are fully compliant with all fire safety norms. We have offered our full cooperation and support to the local authorities in this case.”