McDonalds might love their “McFurry”, but they didn’t take too kindly to this Woman’s Joey

A woman walked in with Jimmy, her pet Kangaroo at a McDonalds in Wisconsin and was promptly asked to step out. She claimed that her kangaroo was her therapy animal. We have heard of therapy dogs before, but a therapy kangaroo is a first.


Pets are not officially allowed inside McDonalds unless they are guide or therapy animals. Diana Moyer did claim that her Joe was a therapy animal, but it doesn’t look like McDonalds bought her story. What’s more is that, she has been taking her pet to the same McDonalds store for over three months now without a peep. She even takes him to church and she hasn’t faced an issue there either. Moyer is a self-proclaimed animal lover and houses deer, horses, ducks, geese, chickens, a dog and peacocks on her 70-acre farm. Jimmy happens to be the 7th kangaroo that he has helped to raise.


Awww, Jimmy. We wish we could take you home.