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McDonald’s Makes Fun Of Hipster Coffee Shops In The Best Way


With their latest video, McDonald’s UK is taking a hilarious poke at hipster coffee shops and watching the video, you’d totally understand why they’re focusing on it in the first place.

It’s become quite the standard that hipster coffee shops have long lists of complicated sounding and making coffees. Compared to any other coffee shop – or in this case McCafe – it’s unnecessarily complicated and overpriced. So when you want a good old fashioned coffee and you can’t have it at one of these slightly fancy coffee shops, McCafe is where you should go.

Their video pokes fun at these hipster shops in a really interesting way. It’s been viewed more than 500,000 times and makes fun of the complicated contraptions, expensive prices, silly wi-fi passwords and unusual crockery, styles of serving and cups and saucers. The best is definitely the deconstructed coffee, served in three beakers to a customer who looks absolutely confused about it.

Take a look at this video and McCafe shows you that you can get the same kind of coffee at a standard size, an affordable rate and without all the complications of what coffee is like.