McDonald’s Just Opened An Outlet Outside The Vatican And Some People Are Seriously Unhappy

Despite protests and criticism from several Vatican residents including cardinals, McDonald’s has opened a restaurant just outside the Vatican City. According to some reports, McDonald’s is paying  £25,000  rent to the Vatican to house the outlet in a Vatican-owned building. 

The ‘McVatican’

The outlet, which is being called the ‘McVatican’ is in the Pio Borgo district in Rome, a five minute walk away from the Vatican State.


While major fast food chain is paying a large amount of rent for the location, some residents of the Vatican are none too happy. In an interview with La Repubblica last October, when plans for the ‘McVatican’ were announced, Cardina Elio Sgreccia called the restaurant a ‘disgrace’ saying ” ‘I repeat, selling mega-sandwiches in Borgo Pio is a disgrace.’”

“It’s a business decision that ignores the culinary tradition of Roman cuisine,” he added.


Additionally, locals in the area complained that the restaurant would ruin aesthetics in the area. “(It is) not at all respectful of the architectural and urban traditions of one of the most characteristic squares overlooking the colonnade of St. Peter.” said Sgreccia.

On it’s part, McDonald’s Italy launched the new outlet without much fanfare; it simply updated its website map, with arches showing the new location. There are two other McDonald’s outlets near the Vatican; one a few steps away from the Vatican museum and one near the Viale Guilio Cesare.



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