McDonald’s Is Rolling Out Trials Of Sweet Potato Fries And Fans Are Going Wild

This just in, McDonald’s is making sweet potato fries. We repeat, McDonald’s is making sweet potato fries. What you’ve heard is true, and this is not a dream. Pinch yourself! 

Texas is in for some sweet lovin’ thanks to McDonalds, who is currently making trials of sweet potato fries in their outlets in Texas, according to reports from Eater. This is probably the first time that McDonald’s has ever made anything sweet potato-based in the US at least, and yes, fans have taken to Twitter asking the company to bring the fries to different parts of the country as soon as they can! If their regular fries were so good, just imagine what these delightful sweet potato fries must be like! We can only imagine right now!


From the reports on Eater, we gather that McDonald’s had already made a run of these fries in Australia. So how do we know it’s hit America now? McDonald’s Texas’ Twitter handle posted an interesting tweet that made everyone go crazy. Here it is:

According to Eater, McDonald’s stated that, “Sweet potato fries are being tested in some Create Your Taste test restaurants in Amarillo, and we’re gathering valuable customer feedback on them.” From the information we’ve gathered, Create Your Taste is a program using touch-screen kiosks to let customers customize their burgers with high-end ingredients.