McDonald’s India Is Making A Major Change To The Way It Serves Food

Some McDonald’s outlets in India will be making a major change to the way they serve food. Rather than queuing up at the counter to place their order, customers will be able to place their orders at a kiosk and have them delivered to their tables.

Experience Of The Future

As well as self-ordering kiosks and table service, the revamped McDonald’s outlets will offer consumers healthier menu items including soups and salads.

“We are launching farm fresh salads and transitioning existing wraps to wholegrain wraps. The launch follows consumer demand for more variety,” said Amit Jatia, the vice chairman of Westlife development.

McDonald’s is calling these outlets ‘Experience Of The Future’ and will begin with launching them in Mumbai followed by other cities over the next few years. “This is the next phase of brand transformation for McDonald’s in India. We are launching our EOTF outlets in Mumbai first, and will take this to other cities over the next 2-3 years. In the next 1.5 years we could open about 5-10 outlets in Mumbai,” said Jatia.

The brand also recently revamped its delivery app to keep up with changing times.  


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