McDonald’s Has A Snickers McFlurry And We Demand They Release It In India

Let’s get one thing straight, McDonald’s McFlurries are one of the best things on the menu (along with the fries, ofc) don’t @ me. They’ve done a few quirkier flavors like the banana McFlurry in honor of the Minions movie release, but we’re pretty happy to stick with the time-tested favs like the Oreo McFlurry.

However, according to a report by FoodBeast, McD has launched yet another McFlurry flavor that’s supposedly Snickers-inspired. The new McFlurry has reportedly launching in McDonald’s locations in Pakistan, Hungary, Malta, and Cyprus.

We did a little digging and discovered that a Snickers McFlurry had indeed dropped in McDonald’s Pakistan next door, with nary a whisper on whether or not the Snickers McFlurry wouldever come to India.

Honestly, I got to say that we’re pretty hurt that we won’t be able to try the Snickers McFlurry here in India yet, I mean, we love snickers and we love ice cream so we say, McDonald’s bring the Snickers McFlurry to India! Let us know in the comments below if you’d like to try the Snickers McFlurry and don’t forget to @ McDonald’s on social media, let’s bring the Snickers McFlurry home!