McDonald’s Is Finally Giving Out Limited Edition Bottles of Their Big Mac Sauce

The Big Mac is iconic in so many ways. It is the biggest draw on the McDonald’s menu, it’s the one item on the menu that everybody knows and whether or not you like it, it’s something that you’re aware exists. Second to the golden arches, the Big Mac defines McDonald’s. And partly because of the sauce they use in the burgers. McDonald’s has kept this a big secret for years, but now they’re opening up their doors, ready to share it with the world.

To promote their brand new Grand and Junior-size Big Macs, McDonald’s is giving away bottles of the Big Mac Sauce to fans. The catch is, there are only 10,000 bottles available and it’s only being handed out in America. So which means that everybody isn’t going to get their hands on this special treat, no matter how badly you want it.

If you remember, last year McDonald’s did something similar in Australia. But now it’s America’s turn. Maybe the rest of the world will follow. After all, the fast-food giant has been teasing fans about something big happening on January 26th. This could be part of the tease, leading up to the big day.


But like everything else in McDonald’s big plan, there isn’t much more information to work with. The bottles are numbered and along with some text, there is absolutely nothing else that they’re revealing. Keep watching this space for more information!