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McDonald’s – How To Earn Discount Coupons


For many Americans, McDonald’s is a staple meal. In fact, the McDonald’s total revenue at the end of last year added up to over eight billion dollars, which was far more than any other fast-food chain. 

Even though McDonald’s isn’t a pricey restaurant, extra savings never hurt anybody (especially for those people who eat there every day). Each meal adds up and some people can end up spending a small fortune on fast food.

That is where discount coupons come in. There are various ways in which to earn or find these coupons and, if you are an avid McDonald’s goer, it will be worth it. 

4 Ways To Find McDonald’s Coupons

Here are a few quick and simple ways that you can get your McDonald’s coupons and get to that “I’m lovin’ it!” feeling.

Sign Up For The McDonald’s Newsletters

If you visit McDonald’s often, check out their website and sign up for their newsletter. Subscribers are often given coupons and are alerted when there are discounts available. It is also completely free.

There are sometimes newsletters available in the actual McDonald’s restaurant. Check if they contain coupons and, if they do, take one (or a few).

While you are at it, try downloading their loyalty app. This app is often used to reward customers with digital coupons that can be printed or scanned at your next McDonald’s purchase. 

Search For Their Digital Coupons

Digital coupon companies are free, easy to use and can end up saving you plenty of cash. Simply search for them online and you will be sure to find a few, such as Groupon, RedPlum and Coupon Sherpa

These coupons can be stored on your phone and scanned at the McDonald’s. You could also have them printed and use them as regular coupons. Either way, this is one of the easiest ways to find coupons and it should definitely be a priority if you are a McDonald’s regular. 

If you order McDonald’s online, try out an app called Honey. This app automatically applies discounts to online purchases and orders, which could end up saving you hefty amounts. Honey is also completely free, so you will have nothing to lose. 

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Call The Company

If you visit the McDonald’s website, you will be able to find a customer call number. This number can be used by people who have issues, such as complaints, that they would like to discuss with a McDonald’s staff member. However, it can also be used by the customers who wish to save some money through discount coupons.

Give this number a call and ask them if they have any coupons or discounts to offer you. The answer will more than likely be yes, giving you another easy way to get your hands on promotions. Many couponers use this method and it saves them plenty of money every year.

While you are on their website, be sure to search for any additional coupons. Many companies have a specific webpage for customers to search for and download coupons and other promotions.  

Buy A Few Newspapers

McDonald’s and other big companies like to use newspapers to get their coupons out to their customers. Subscribe to a couple of newspaper companies and you will receive their paper once a week. 

If you don’t want to subscribe to a newspaper company, you could always just purchase your papers from the shops. To save a little extra cash, try picking up the Sunday paper on a Monday – they are usually sold for a lower price on this day. 

You could also shop at discount stores, such as The Dollar Tree or Costco. Newspapers are only sold for around a dollar at these shops, which is much cheaper than most other stores.

Ask your friends and family for their newspapers once they are finished with them. Most people throw out the coupons with their papers, meaning that you could score a few extra if you get your hands on these discarded newspapers. 


There are many ways in which you could earn or find discount coupons for McDonald’s. Sign up for their newsletters, download their loyalty app and call the company to ask for any promotions. You could also buy a few newspapers, which often contain coupons, and search for digital coupons online.

If you are looking for a slightly more “fine-dining” option, take a look here to see an awesome Michelin star restaurant.

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