McDonald’s Dropped A Wagyu Burger In Australia and People Weren’t Happy

When you think of McDonald’s you think of easily affordable fast food, perhaps the Supersize Me documentary or the Twitter war routinely waged against Wendy’s. However, you probably don’t think about them being an expensive, or gourmet experience, with a burger comprised of the most expensive beef in the world, right?

However, that’s exactly what McDonald’s Australia hoped to achieve when they dropped an Australian bred Wagyu beef burger, complete with a specially created bun and sauce. However, Australians aren’t pleased with people taking to Facebook to rant. Popular complaints include that the “wagyu is dry”, tastes like “cardboard”, and that charging over $10 “is taking the piss”.

McDonald's Dropped A Wagyu Burger In Australia and People Weren't Happy

“Patty cooked to death sometime last week and presented with unmelted cheese, tomato, bacon, a crapton of wilted lettuce and a smear of nondescript sauce on a dry oversized bun,” one poster, David Winch, wrote on the page.
The price point also seems to be a major factor with social media users outraged about the price, “Inferior in every way to even a McFeast … and [charging] over a tenner is taking the piss.” “Went to get one but not paying that much for it!,” one person wrote.

“Go to a proper burger place or cafe in Melb and pay $15 with chips and salad.” “Had one from Lilydale VIC, unfortunately, it was dry as a bone. Sad. Just had it. 1/10.”

Robert Sexton, Director of Supply Chain at McDonald’s Australia, said in a statement to that the burger continues to show their supports of our agriculture industry. “The launch of this burger is further testament to our commitment to use local suppliers wherever possible,” the statement read.

Perhaps McDonald’s should realise, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.