McDonald’s Is Celebrating Its Happy Price Combos With A New TVC


To celebrate and promote its Happy Price Combos,McDonald’s has created anew anthem in a TVC created by Leo Burnett.

The Happy Price Combo

The Happy Price Combo, which allows customers to pair one beverage with one burger, wrap or side starting at Rs.60. Any dish – from the McAloo Tikki to the French Fries to the Chicken Kebab Burger – and any drink including the McFizz and McFloat are included in the Combo offer.

McDonald's Is Celebrating Its Happy Price Combos With A New TVC

Speaking about the Happy Price Combos, Kedar Teny, Director Marketing and Digital, McDonald’s India says, “McDonald’s innovative product offerings have always struck a chord with the ever-evolving consumers. With the launch of Happy Price Combo, we want to give our customers a chance to customise and enjoy their favourite meal and beverage combo. Moreover, the #BeDifferentTogether campaign also highlights how McDonalds is a melting pot of divergent lifestyles coming together to create some classic moments. We are confident that this campaign will resonate well with our audiences.”

 Beauty In Diversity

To capture the Be Different Together sentiment, Leo Burnett India created a campaign which showcases and celebrates beauty in diversity.


Speaking about the new campaign, Rajdeepak Das, Chief Creative Officer, Leo Burnett, South Asia said, “There hasn’t been a better time to champion the cause of diversity. And who better than McDonald’s to celebrate this? McDonald’s has always been about people coming together over a nice meal, no matter how different. In fact, it’s our differences that make our relationships better. Ergo, we featured people who may be completely opposed in their food and lifestyle choices, but are very happy in each other’s company despite that. This led to the larger thought #BeDifferentTogether, and I am confident that every viewer will see a little bit of themselves in this commercial.”