McD v/s Starbucks: Which Cherry Blossom-Themed Drink Is Your Pick? #POLL

If the cherry blossom Sprite and Starbucks’ Sakura blossom and pink drinks are anything to go by, this Japan’s pink blossom season is going to be cashed upon majorly by FMCG and F&B giants. One of the many other another companies in addition to Coca Cola Co. and Starbucks, that has drawn inspiration from these pink months in Japan is McDonald’s.

While Starbucks is playing around with its Sakura Blossom line that features a latte and a Frappuccino packed with a sweet cherry blossom flavour topped with whipped cream and crispy rice sprinkle, McDonald’s has rolled out a gorgeous – and of course, pink – Cherry Blossom Float, which will be available at all Japanese McD outlets through April. The drink uses a sweet Satonishiki (cherry) juice, which is then topped with vanilla ice cream. But if you’re not much of a soft-serve junkie, you can get just the pink fizzy drink instead.

With so many pink fizzy drinks in the market, we can only imagine what it must be like to be a cherry blossom season-loving consumer in Japan! But what would you do? Which of these Sakura/Cherry Blossom-themed drinks would you pick had you been in the country? Vote and let us know!

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