McCain Foods India Launches Smiles Pudina Chatka And It’s Mint To Be!

We all enjoy the guilty pleasure that is deep-fried food (come on it is literally just deliciousness). Who can resist all that crunch and taste? One of the products that you would have definitely tried is – Smiles. Admit it! Even now you enjoy eating that delightful looking food at kids’ birthday parties (we know, there’s not much else to do) or perhaps you take home a packet of the pre-frozen good every time you go to the store. If you fall in either of those categories then we have the best news for you!

McCain Foods India, who is the leading producer of frozen vegetarian snacks in India, has launched Smiles Pudina Chatka. A new variant of Smiles, which is a big hit with both kids and adults (as we’ve established). The tangy new variant developed specially for the Indian audience is sure to be a favorite with all of us who enjoy a bit more flavour.

 McCain Smiles are fun shaped crunchy potato treats that are crisp on the outside, and soft on the inside. The perfect combination to blow your mind. The best part about this product is that it was developed keeping the local taste preferences in mind. They are great as a snack option for kids or a no hassle accompaniment at get-togethers. If you’re a bit more health conscious, you’ll be happy to know that Smiles can be baked or fried in order to ensure that all can partake of the tangy experience.

McCain Foods India Launches Smiles Pudina Chatka And It's Mint To Be!

 This new launch adds to the increasing list of McCain products that have been made especially for India. Other products include Aloo Tikki, Chill Garlic Potato Bites, Masala Fries. McCain Foods India is owned by McCain Foods Canada, who entered the Indian market in 1998 and have been leading the vegetarian frozen snacks segment since then.

 Mr. Vikas Mittal, Managing Director, McCain Foods India said that at McCain Foods, they always endeavor to innovate products that would appeal to the Indian taste. A lot of research has gone into deciding on mint as a flavor, which Indian consumers seem to really enjoy.

Now for the important news that you’ve actually been waiting for – cost and availability. The tangy Pudina Chatka Smiles will be available nationally in consumer-friendly packet size of 375 grams with a cost of Rs. 105. Honestly, news like this is what helps us all get through the week.