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Best Mayonnaise Brands in India



mayonnaise brands in india

Mayonnaise is a thick, creamy sauce or dressing which can be used as a spread on any snack, burger, Momos, and Sandwich. Basically it is a dressing which is made of oil, egg yolks, lemon juice or vinegar, and other seasonings.

In India, there are several brands which manufacture and sell this tasty spreads. There are traditional mayonnaise which are made with eggs. We also have many brands which market eggless veg mayo. In the market there are different flavours of Mayonnaise available like Mint Mayo, Chipotle Mayo, Tomato Mayo, Herb Mayo. The brands have also bought a wide range of Mayonnaise products by adding more flavours and many other alterations from the original flavour.




Cremica has many flavors and variations in Mayonnaise like Burger Mayo, Eggless Mayo for the vegetarians, Egg Mayo and Lite Mayo for the diet conscious people. It is available in jars and pouches which are easy to carry while travelling.

Del Monte

Del Monte

Del Monte is another popular brand available in various retail outlets and e-commerce sites in India  Del Monte has different variants of Mayonnaise which includes Eggless May, Cheesy Garlic Mayo, Mint Mayo, Egg Mayo and Tandoori Mayo. Do try the Cheesy Garlic Mayo of Del Monte which is the best from this brand.





Veeba has been in the market place by bringing a flavour which is unique and has won the hearts of children and adults. Veeba is not only known for Mayonnaise but also for different sauces. Do try out the ‘Burger Mayo’ from Veeba and you will forget about all other dressings for your burger.

Dr. Oetker – FunFoods



FunFoods has bought the regular Veg Mayo, Tandoori Mayo which is loved by people of all ages. It is available in major retailers in India.

Sangi’s Kitchen

sangi's foods

sangi’s foods

The Mayonnaise from Sangi’s Kitchen is 100% vegetarian and the product can be consumed by everyone. It is one of the highly rated Mayonnaise available in the Indian Market.

American Garden


american garden

american garden

Mayonnaise from American Garden is made from high quality ingredients, free from MSG. It is very affordable. Try the regular classic flavour, lite version of Mayo (diet conscious) from American Garden.





Mayonnaise from Hellmann’s is made from free range eggs, quality ingredients which gives a smooth creamy taste. It is a good source of Omega-3. The products is packed with all the goodness and hence a little expensive.

Some recommended products:

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Nova Mayonnaise

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Bajaj Majesty Mayonnaise