This Maybe The Only Time You’ll See Gordon Ramsay Fail So Miserably

Gordon Ramsay is a man of many – spicy – words and an even bigger folio of talent. The Chef is famous for his many online and TV series, most of which have him either screaming his lungs out, whipping up a delicious storm, or dealing with an interesting lot of people. The latest is one of his well-known series called The F Word – a.k.a. Gordon Ramsay’s F Word – (trust Ramsay to host a show with that name).

The show covers a wide range of food-centric topics like recipes, cooking, celebrity food fads, and driving to the Scottish countryside in a gorgeous black Lamborghini in search of the country’s first ever buffalo mozzarella. We say first ever because usually mozzarella is made using cow’s milk, and while Buffaloes’ milk too yield a decadent result, the Scottish Isles have never ventured into that recipe. And hence, Ramsay took it upon himself to create mozzarella history.rsz_1mozzarella_cheese

The episode documents the chef’s struggle to tame a good and healthy buffalo – mounting one in the process – followed by milking it. And this is where the ‘miserable fail’ comes in. Ramsay may be able to do a lot of things but milking a buffalo is definitely not one of his talents. A fact that is evident by his awkward and messy attempts at the same. He did, however, manage to get the milk with a little professional and technological help.

Now, whether or not Ramsay managed to make the cheese, find out in the video below!