This Is What Matt Damon Ate Everyday To Shed 60 Pounds

It’s one getting shape for summer, but it’s a whole other story when it’s your livelihood. Actors, for example. It could be for a role or just to tone up in general. And that is probably why there have been a ton of actors who’ve indulged in popular diets like Tom Brady, Jennifer Lawrence, Melissa McCarthy and more.

Recently during Reddit’s AMA (Ask Me Anything), The Martian star Matt Damon too revealed the secret behind shedding almost 60 pounds for Under Fire in 1995.


Chicken Run

“I think the most challenging role that I’ve ever had, was when I did Courage Under Fire and I had to lose all the weight that I lost on my own,” he said. “That was the most physically challenging did I’ve ever had to do in my life. I weigh probably 190 pounds right now, and I weighed 139 in that movie, and that is not a natural weight for me and not a happy weight for me even when I was 25.”

He added that while he had to run 13 miles a day, the hardest part was the diet. “All I ate was chicken breast. It’s not like I had a chef or anything, I just made it up and did what I thought I had to do. I just made it up and that was incredibly challenging.”matt-damon


Taco Talk

Damon also revealed the recipe to the perfect taco whilst admitting that it was one he isn’t supposed to have and makes only on taco nights.

He went on to describe it, saying: “It’s the crunchy corn shell with the good meat, just ground beef in there,” he wrote. “It’s all about the layering. The meats gotta be hot, and the cheese goes on first so that it melts.

And then you’re gonna get in there with a little bit of tomato and lettuce but not too much cause it’s not a salad, it’s a taco, and then you’re gonna throw some avocado on top and some sour cream. Throw a bunch of Cholula on there, maybe squeeze some lime on top, and go to town”, he finished admitting that Cholula is the one hot sauce he absolutely relishes.

gallery-1469472827-cholula-flickrImage: Delish


Taco Bell, are you listening?

Source: Delish


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