Mathias and Thomas Sühring Bring A Modern German Pop-Up To Mumbai

A modern German pop-up will be open from 13th to 17th September in Mumbai and will be put up by two renowned chefs as reported by Hindustan Times. The twins, Mathias and Thomas Sühring were born in Berlin and are currently running their own restaurant called Sühring in Bangkok. Their restaurant was ranked at No.13 amongst Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants in the first year of its opening.

“Their food philosophy is inspired by their grandmother’s recipes, interpreted in a modern way. Think of what Chef Gaggan Anand did with Indian food; the Sühring twins apply the same thought to traditional German cuisine,” says Raaj Sanghvi of Sanguine. The company is responsible of bringing this experience to The Chambers at The Taj Mahal Palace.

The chefs are bringing exotic ingredients like fresh truffles, Russian caviars and even special plates and cutlery for the pop-up. To bring an authentic experience of their restaurant Sühring they are also flying down 10 staff members and they’ll together put up a 12-course veg or non-veg menu. The customers will also enjoy expensive wine paired along with the courses. “It’s best if diners come with no expectations as their perception about German food will change completely after the meal,” adds Sanghvi.

Along with the ingredients, the chefs are also bringing a sourdough which is two and half years old to make authentic breads from Germany. The meal has dishes like Curry 36 which is their take on German street food, Spatzle which is soft egg noodles with fresh black truffles and a salmon preparation topped with Ossetra caviar.

Image Source: Hindustan Times