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Master The Marination For Your Next Barbeque Party With The Center Point, Chennai!


For those of us, who were born with zero culinary skills, we know how hard cooking can be! We are familiar with the long hours that were spent going over hundreds of recipes and cooking tips like a zombie. But that doesn’t hold us back from experimenting in the kitchen, and sometimes end up burning the food or half of the building.

So, it’s no wonder that we always hesitate when it comes to barbeques and just order it from the nearest restaurant. Fear no more, we have the perfect solution to master the art of grilling that perfect chicken! It is important to do the marination properly to make sure that your barbequed chicken will come out perfectly! The slightest variation will cause the entire thing to go south, and we don’t want that! Do you want to know the ingredients that go into making that perfect marination?

That’s why you should head down to The Center Point, Chennai on 23rd of September. The Cooking Studio at The Center Point is organizing a class on mastering the marination for your bbq. This class will cover the various types and the right amount of marinade that is used. Chef Mohan, who has been with the hotel for the past three years will be conducting the class from 10 AM TO 1 PM on 23rd of this month. For registrations, call 9176669110.

So, learn how to marinate your chicken for that amazing bbq with The Centre Point!