Master Class of Vegetarian Grilling Comes To Bengaluru


Ever wonder how those celebrity chefs on television make pieces of paneer or vegetable look so perfectly grilled? There are some tips and tricks to attaining the right flavour and texture for the perfectly grilled vegetables and it requires some guidance from people in the know. You don’t have to spend hours on the internet watching Youtube videos of people grilling. You can get your own private master class for grilling at the Weber Experience Center, Ulsoor on December 19th, Saturday. 

Weber is one of the top manufacturers of grills and grilling accessories in the world and they are all set to give you an experience of how to use their products the right away to get the perfectly grilled food that you desire. The Master Class will consist of a Weber experienced Chef teaching you the proper methods of grilling and the tricks behind the beautifully grilled food.  The topics covered during the master class will include the basics of grilling, such as how to light the charcoal properly to get the maximum heat, how to work safely with the grills and regulating the temperature of the grills to suit your cooking purposes. The Weber expert will also explain the different types of accessories and how to properly use them to get the maximum benefit from the Weber grills. 



The Weber Chef will also expand on different techniques used in marination of food and how to properly grill vegetables. There will also be a baking class which will teach you the techniques and methods of properly baking on a grill. The ingredients for all the recipes demonstrated will be provided as part of the ticket. For people who are interested in the art of grilling, this is the perfect opportunity for you to learn the basics so you can further add your own personalized touch. 


grilled eggplants

The Weber Master Class will take place at Weber Experience Center, Ulsoor on December 19th, Saturday from 2:00pm. The price of the ticket is Rs. 1200, inclusive of all fresh produce, ingredients for the recipes, and soft beverages.