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Master Chef Vinod Saini To Curate The New In-Flight Menu For Lufthansa Airlines


Lufthansa India this month unveiled a brand-new menu that has been curated in collaboration with The Leela Palaces, Hotels and Resorts and its Master Chef Vinod Saini. The new in-flight menu offers a selection of nutritious meal options, based on innovative recipes but still use traditional ingredients and bring out authentic Indian flavors to spoil customers while cruising at 36,000 feet.


In-Flight Banquet  

Currently, passengers traveling on Lufthansa German Airlines to/from India can order an array of delectable meal options offering a modern take on traditional Indian cuisine. Featuring exquisite dishes from across the country that have been created using freshest seasonal ingredients involving modern food techniques, the in-flight menu ensures that passengers have access to a healthier and exclusive dining experience.

“At Lufthansa, we are delighted to encourage the growing zeal within Indian travelers to explore the world as reflected by our #sayyestotheworld campaign. Being a preferred partner in airline travels also means, listen to our customers’ preferences. Indian passengers are demanding more diverse and healthier culinary experiences during their travel”, said Wolfgang Will, Senior Director, South Asia, Lufthansa Group. “Our new in-flight menu reflects our understanding of changing passenger preferences and reaffirms our commitment of being ‘More Indian than you think’”, he added.


The New Menu

For the new menu, Chef Saini creates majestic experiences focusing on the royal kitchens of India at their signature fine dining restaurant Jamavar. The close and successful cooperation with Lufthansa goes beyond and is an exchange across countries to achieve best possible results. “Exploring the world has led me to find my passion for being a chef. To train chefs in India and Germany on such a high-quality level has been very enriching for me too”, said the Chef, adding, “Indian food is soul food! Yet, we have combined Indian culinary traditions with a creative approach to meet the needs of a modern traveler.”

Master Chef Vinod Saini

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The new in-flight menu is introduced across First Class, Business Class, Premium Economy Class as well as Economy Class. It offers refreshed and customized delights for customers featuring colorful, tasty and healthy meals. The menu features dishes such as roasted chicken slices with sunflower seeds on a bed of carrots and honey sesame oil mint leaf or Lobia Sundal, a raw mango salad as appetizer choices. Martaban Gosht garnished with ginger julienne and chopped coriander, Chandani Murgh Korma and Shalgam Gosht and more for the main course.

To satisfy sweet cravings, passengers can choose from traditional classics such as Baked Rasgulla with caramel sauce, Kasi Halwa, Litchi Nariyal ki Kheer. Moreover, passengers with special requests for a diabetic, Jain or Kosher meal or passengers with food allergies also have scrumptious options to choose from.

First Class Meal

Lufthansa recently also introduced Chaayos Masala Tea on flights to/from India effective May 2018. Exclusively crafted for the airline, it features a special blend of natural ingredients, including Assam tea, dried ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, black pepper, and cloves, with no added artificial flavors. Who said flight food is always bad?

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