Martha Stewart’s Halloween Costume Is What Horror Movies Are Made Of!

It’s Halloween eve, y’all! And as if all the skull topped treats and pumpkin spiced lattes weren’t reminder enough, celebs have taken it upon themselves to creep the living life out of us! One celebrity chef in particular looks super excited about the spooky holiday. Yes, we’re talking about Martha Stewart.

Stewart, who has recently been trending for her collaboration with Snoop Dogg and VH1, and also for starting her own chain of cafes, stepped out looking like a nightmare this Friday. The domestic brand idol was decked up one creepy Nurse for Allison Sarofim and Stuart Parr’s annual Halloween Party in New York’s West Village.


Usually seen donning crisp and elegant clothing, Martha Stewart clearly went to great lengths to dress up as one badass scary nurse. The recipe book expert was drenched in a disturbingly red liquid (which, we are guessing was food coloring because guess who’d have some of that lying around?) running down her eye and all over front, and dark venomous bloodshot eyes to complete the look.

Her followers on Snapchat and Twitter even got a sneak peek into her whole make up process. And we’re not so sure if that’s something to be proud of because the process looked cringe-worthy AF. Take a look!

Moreover, her Instagram fans got a special treat. A GIF of Martha-Stewart-turned-savage-nurse looking like this.


Anywho, Martha managed to bag all the spook and attention with that fiery look. You go girl!