Martha Stewart Will Soon Be Launching Her Chain Of Cafés!

*Sigh* Dreams do come true!

Culinary goddess Martha Stewart will soon pilot her very own chain of cafes called ‘Martha Stewart’s Café’, further proving that there is nothing that she cannot do.

This leap into the hospitality and lifestyle arena is not a first for the former convict. Last year, Stewart unveiled the first Martha Stewart Café inside the Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia located in West Chelsea, Manhattan. Moreover, Stewart also owns an interior décor line that boasts of furniture, linen and home decoration accessories.

indulgeImage: Martha Stewart

According to Macy’s executives, the concept may well be an extension of their partnership with Martha and her sheets, dishes, towels, and couches. This means that now next to the home section at Macy’s, instead of a Nespresso kiosk or Macy’s Taste Bar, there will be a Martha Stewart Café.

The café has been designed with help from Stewart’s team, including Thomas Joseph from the MSLO kitchens, head of facilities Lynn Goodwin, art directors Molly Baker, Soyoung Oh, and Jaspal Riyait, web designer Jill Joyner, copy director Darcy Smith, director of Information Technology Eric Crepeau, and others.

martha-jumboImage: The New York Times


What To Expect – The Menu

Stewart’s café draw inspiration from minimalist elements. They boast of clean white elements with pop accents of red, and black calligraphy. Two locations for the café have already been locked, one of which has already kicked off inside the Macy’s at the Sacramento Golden 1 Center (414 K Street, Sacramento, Calif) last weekend. The second opens next month in Dallas, reports Eater.

Martha Stewart’s cafés will be lined with pastries outsourced from bakeries like Bien Cuit in Brooklyn and Balthazar in Soho (in Manhattan). Other outlets may also serve pastries from local bakeries. Vistors can even bite into Stewart’s granola, which will be available in three different flavors: Almond and Golden Raisin, Sour Cherry and Walnut, and Apricot and Sesame Seed; as well as seasoned, candied, and spiced nuts from Torn Ranch, a California based purveyor.

The beverage section will be packed with coffee from Martha Stewart’s own line, while the tea will be brought in from Arogya Teas. Customers can pick from a range of coffee and teas. Moreover, tea-lovers will also have options like chai latte, spiced chai, Jasmine Silver Needle, Da Hong Pao, Emerald Mountain, Lemon Ginger, Peppermint, and Buckwheat teas. The café will also have on offer tea and coffee that can be brewed at home.

productsImage: Martha Stewart Café

Official sources haven’t yet confirmed where the next Martha Stewart’s Café will open after Dallas. But a number of Macy’s locations in many metropolitan areas are undergoing renovations now. Hmm, we wonder what that’s about?


Source: Eater