Mars Drops Its First Product In 20 Years And Goodness Knows?

As a child I couldn’t stand eating peanuts, hence my favourite chocolate was the Mars bar. Sinfully sweet with the allure of caramel, what was not to love? However, they’ve recently rocked every Mars fans’ world after releasing Goodness Knows (what they were up to, jk).

The strangely titled chocolate is their first major product launch since Celebrations (you know, where Mars, Snickers, Twix and Bounty united). Goodness Knows is less chocolate than it is granola bar. Case in point, eating 4 squares, I repeat, 4 squares is only 160 calories (healthy food alert). The product comes in three different types – Cranberry and Almond, Blueberry and Almond and Apple, Peanut and Almond.

However, there is a redeeming factor (and no, it’s not the fruits and nuts). The bars sell for about 90 pence a pack, but that isn’t the good news either. The good news is that Brand director of the Goodness Knows brand, Rebecca Shepheard-Walwyn, says that the brand will spread a bit of goodness in communities across the UK by donating 10 percent of its profits to good causes.”

So, while Goodness Knows may not be as sweet as their counterparts, they’re much more ideal to snack on if you want to cut down on the calories. It’s also a fine way to give back to your community. After all, goodness knows no limits!