The Marriott Food Trail At M Cafe Took Us Around The World & Back
December 19, 2017
Christina George (1383 articles)

The Marriott Food Trail At M Cafe Took Us Around The World & Back

Food Trail

/fuːd/ /treɪl/


A series of meals had in succession at more than one eatery.

It was a bright, blustery day, and Marriott had invited us for an exclusive food trail at two of their gorgeous properties. Lunch at the M Cafe at the Bengaluru Marriott Hotel Whitefield beckoned, and not even the bumper-to-bumper traffic could dampen our spirits.

M Cafe The Quintessential All-Day Dining Restaurant

Executive Chef Mahesh Padala curated an absolutely delightful mix of the international cuisine on offer at M Cafe. From Baos to Ravioli to an exquisite dessert, Chef Mahesh showed us how, at the Marriott, they take international food concepts and make them local.

We started off with an exotic kebab platter which comprised of elements such as paneer stuffed Guchchi, Stuffed Paneer and a vast variety of dips and chutney to go with it. I had never had Guchchi mushrooms before, and the meaty flavor made me (briefly) contemplate the vegan lifestyle.

Black Pomfret was next on the menu, beautifully cooked, with just a hit of lemon to bring out the spice. Chef Mahesh, in his wisdom, demonstrated just how much international cuisines are a part of an all-day dining restaurant, with some delicious baos. The sweet, pillowy dough of the bao’s contrasted gorgeously with the hot red chili sauce and made for a delightful explosion of flavor in my mouth.

Next, Chef Mahesh gave me the opportunity to try quail for the first time with a spectacular looking dish, garnished with gold leaves and nuts in a cashew-based curry. And, in my opinion, the raving reviews received on MasterChef everytime quail is mentioned is absolutely deserved.

Chef then presented a signature dish of his, an Asapargus Ravioli, each bite perfectly curated with the right amount of crunch and texture, seasoned to perfection, with the addition of microgreens as garnish to cut through the creaminess of the sauce.

Dessert – the most important part of a meal – was a berry mille-feuille with a sinfully sweet hazelnut chocolate dome with tempered chocolate. The acidity of the berries cut through the sweet perfectly, and we’ve honestly never had a puff pastry quite like this one.

The perfect end to a delicious afternoon of gourmandism, which left our stomachs content, and us loathe to leave.

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