Market Share For Wai Wai In India Increases To 28%

Lets’s be honest, we’re all big fans of instant noodles. Whether it’s because we’re too broke to order in, or too lazy to cook a massive meal, a pack of instant noodles can save the day. Wai Wai Noodles has announced that their market share has grown by 2% from January to June, so they now enjoy an 28% market share in India according to data published by Total Solutions Group.

“Wai Wai’s market share gain can be ascribed to its growth in states like UP, Bihar, Rajasthan, Haryana in the north, West Bengal and Jharkhand in the east, Gujarat and Maharashtra in the west and Karnataka and Kerala in the south,” said Kapil Malhotra of the Total Solutions Group.

In the last five years, the Nepal-based brand has gained popularity in metros and tier-two cities. “The brand is growing at 20% year-on-year. Our current turnover is more than Rs 880 crores,” said G.P. Sah, global business head of Nepal-based CG Foods, which popularized Wai Noodles in the Indian sub-continent. “We are now focusing in those states where we have less than 15 % market share,” Sah said.